Personal Compass

We all have a deep connections to places from our past. Maybe it’s the neighborhood you grew up in, or the park where you were married. Maybe it’s a campsite in the wilderness, or a street corner in New Orleans. 

No matter how far you are from the place that’s most important to you, The Personal Compass will show you how to get back there. Instead of pointing north, it constantly points to the location of your choosing, so you’ll never lose your way.

I built the prototype of this as a wedding gift for my sister. That one always points to the spot in NYC where she and her husband got engaged. The version you see here points the way to the town in Vermont where a good friend was married.  

Want a look under the hood? You can see the original build here.**

**special thanks to for adding a cool new improvement my original design! He’s a genius, and a real mensch to boot.